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In My Words: Emma Grimes

In My Words: Emma Grimes

NOTE: This is part of a series on with feature stories written by the student-athletes about their time at Covenant. The series is in conjunction with NCAA Division III Week (April 2-8), an annual event to celebrate the accomplishments on and off the field of student-athletes in the NCAA's largest division.

By Emma Grimes
(Covenant '18; Women's Basketball)

Covenant College has been such an influential place in my life. It is such a unique institution that daily challenges me in the classroom, on the court, and in my walk with the Lord. I will be forever grateful for the relationships and memories I have from living here on the mountain for the past two years.

How I came to Covenant is sort of a long story, but it's also an amazing story about how awesome our God is. My parents both went to Covenant, and my dad even played basketball here. So, ever since I was about 7 years old, I knew I wanted to go play basketball at Covenant College. I worked really hard at the game throughout high school and truly thought Covenant was going to be the answer I was finally going to be able to attend my dream school.

However, God had other plans. Right out of high school, I received two full scholarships to go play basketball at other schools, and I soon realized (through lots of prayer and counsel) that God was saying "no" to my plans to go to Covenant. Needless to say, I was super upset about this, wondering why God would take away my dream and my plan. Yet again, however, God had a better plan.

I attended a school in Miami, Fla., to play basketball my freshman year; and while I learned a lot about the game and how to show Christ in a very secular environment, I knew that that particular school was not where God wanted me for all four years of my education. So, I transferred to Eastern Florida State, a JUCO where I got to play for my dad, which is such an amazing gift that God gave me. After completing my sophomore year there, I had to transfer again, and this time, God made it very clear that Covenant was now the place for me to finish out my last two years of basketball and education.

I am so unbelievably thankful for God providing for me to come here and for Him redirecting my plans that I thought were so certain. Without Him interjecting His sovereignty and grace in my life, I wouldn't have the sweet memories of playing for my dad and wouldn't have the sweet friendships that I have now.

Playing at Covenant and being a D3 student-athlete has been such a blessing in my life. Covenant is such a special place where God is daily proclaimed through the way we play our sports. Especially for me, transferring in from a secular school, being able to collectively play with a group of girls who love the Lord and truly play for Him was such an amazing gift.

At Covenant, the measure of success is not what the scoreboard says, it's not about the wins and losses. While we hate to lose and recognize Christ's call to excellence, we measure our success by whether Christ is held preeminent and whether His name is glorified. It's not about our names, our stats, or our wins—it's all for Him. It's all to make Him smile and to spread His Kingdom. Because of this, my faith has definitely grown in Christ by being able to play here at Covenant. I am constantly reminded who I truly play for and why I am playing.

I am so grateful for God's gift of Covenant College in my life, and I will be eternally grateful for all that this school has done for me. I am proud to be a Scot, and I am proud to have played for an athletic program that truly puts Christ first, that truly keeps Him preeminent.

In My Words: Emma Grimes
April 6, 2018 In My Words: Emma Grimes