Student-Athletes Named to Dean's List for Fall 2014

Student-Athletes Named to Dean's List for Fall 2014

LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN -- Covenant College recently announced its Fall 2014 Dean's List honorees and 119 student-athletes from Covenant's 13 athletic programs made the list. These students are included on Covenant’s Dean’s List because they have earned a term grade point average of 3.30 or higher as a full-time, undergraduate student taking 12 or more credit hours.

List of Student-Athletes (complete list can be found here)

Z Arima - Baseball/Men's Basketball
Luke Harvey - Baseball
Stephen Kegley - Baseball
Noah Dillingham - Baseball
Nate Shetler - Baseball
Joel Johnson - Baseball
Nate Olson - Baseball
Brandon Parker - Baseball
Waldo Odens, Jr. - Baseball
Jay Epperson - Baseball
Ben Copeland - Baseball
Caleb Bloye - Baseball
Len Kelley - Baseball
Hannah Rogers - Softball/Volleyball
Eleanor Davis - JV Softball
Sara Bristol - JV Softball
Anna Dove - JV Softball
Sarah Withers - Softball
Christina Warner - JV Softball
Caydie Schaeffer - JV Softball
Nicole White - Softball
Kaitlyn Sirmons - Softball
Jami Johnson - Softball
Joni Johnson - Softball
Jacey Massetto - Softball
Tatum Watford - Softball
Shannon Schmitt - Softball
Ryan Burns - Men's Basketball
Bryant Engbers - Men's Basketball
Teron Ferguson - Men's Basketball
Scott McKnight - Men's Basketball/Men's Golf
Joe Womack - JV Men's Basketball
David Fagot - JV Men's Basketball
Bruno Komel - JV Men's Basketball
Tim Segrist - JV Men's Basketball
Josiah Vander Maas - JV Men's Basketball
Lucy Johnson - Women's Soccer/JV Women's Basketball
Morgan Woodward - Women's Basketball
Haley Soles - Women's Basketball
Alex Quimby - Women's Basketball
Emily Creech - JV Women's Basketball
Abbey Bailey - Women's Basketball
Jessica Bell - Women's Basketball
Mary Grace Newsome - JV Women's Basketball
Clara Dirkse - Women's Basketball
Jennifer Patterson - JV Women's Basketball
Charles Taylor - Men's Cross Country
Caleb McKillop - Men's Cross Country
Hunter Rasmussen - Men's Cross Country
Eliot Gardner - Men's Cross Country
Phil Moore - Men's Cross Country
Zach Atchison - Men's Cross Country
Eliot Kaufmann - Men's Cross Country
Beth Burgess - Women's Cross Country
Esther Anderson - Women's Cross Country
Margaret Fitch - Women's Cross Country/JV Women's Basketball
Jordan Francis - Women's Cross Country
Jonathan Rhodes - Men's Golf
Julian Pettit - JV Men's Soccer
Hunter Harrison - Men's Soccer
Mike Arango - Men's Soccer
Seth Woody - JV Men's Soccer
Noah Wiersema - Men's Soccer
Danny Knight - Men's Soccer
Will Ahrenholz - JV Men's Soccer
Joseph Ricketts - JV Men's Soccer
Bryce Bartelt - JV Men's Soccer
Jacob Richter - Men's Soccer
Gralyn Teague - JV Men's Soccer
Snoopy Davidson - Men's Soccer
Chase Waller - JV Men's Soccer
Builder Brock - Men's Soccer
Eric Beveridge - JV Men's Soccer
David Ragland - JV Men's Soccer
Jonathan Crossman - Men's Soccer
Asa Matthews - JV Men's Soccer
Andrew Lupinek - JV Men's Soccer
Taylor Thornburg - JV Women's Soccer
Madison Evans - JV Women's Soccer
Jessica Rowe - Women's Soccer
Megan Pennington - JV Women's Soccer
Annie Sostok - Women's Soccer
Emily Hartshorn - JV Women's Soccer
Bekah Kanoff - Women's Soccer
Ruth Terry - Women's Soccer
Corrie Becraft - JV Women's Soccer
Mary Claire Roberson - Women's Soccer
Rachel Buys - Women's Soccer
Jenna Vreeland - Women's Soccer
Andrea Hunt - Women's Soccer
Kaitlyn Winking - Women's Soccer
Natalie Barkmann - JV Women's Soccer
Anna Porch - Women's Soccer
Anne Fuller - JV Women's Soccer
Anelise Marshall - JV Women's Soccer
Christy Barton - Women's Soccer
Kayla Bailey - Women's Soccer
Sara Belz - JV Women's Soccer
Rebekah Gravitt - Women's Soccer
Travis Hutchinson - Men's Tennis
Connor Shimmel - Men's Tennis
Nathan Hernandez - Men's Tennis
Max Wang - Men's Tennis
Lindsay Geving - Women's Tennis
Gracie Smith - Women's Tennis
Sarah Carter - Women's Tennis
Cora Schroeder - Volleyball
Anna Catherine Thompson - JV Volleyball
Liz DeMaria - JV Volleyball
Stephanie Kirkpatrick - Volleyball
Bethany Conway - JV Volleyball
Becca Robinson - JV Volleyball
Jeanne Oord - JV Volleyball
Caroline McLeod - Volleyball
Christina Argaez - Volleyball
Chloe Carlson - Volleyball
Ginny Moore - Volleyball
Laura Scott Tomlin - Volleyball

Kelsey Mathis - Volleyball 

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